The San Juan de Capistrano Pueblo are so called because they are constructed at low level
and nestle into the hills as opposed to being part of a tall concrete tower block. The view from
the large terrace is over San Juan de Capistrano, Nerja and the sea. The terrace also has
outdoor lights so that you can relax and have that early cocktail on the terrace.

The Nerja Caves, discovered by accident in 1957, are famous and spectacular. They feature in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest stalagmite "pillar". They also have a magnificent "concert hall" cavern with superb natural acoustics that houses an annual Cultural Festival first founded in 1960. There are various other events and festivals throughout the year and some of these are shown in the table below. 

The cave has three points of entry, two of them natural and one constructed in 1960 for tourists. The cave is 4,823 metres long with a vertical difference of 70 metres. It can be divided into three sections:

  1. The Show Cave, or Lower Galleries, which has been developed for tourists with steps, concrete pathways and lighting.
  2. The Upper Galleries which were discovered in 1957 and
  3. The New Galleries, which were discovered in 1969.