The San Juan de Capistrano Pueblo are so called because they are constructed at low level
and nestle into the hills as opposed to being part of a tall concrete tower block. The view from
the large terrace is over San Juan de Capistrano, Nerja and the sea. The terrace also has
outdoor lights so that you can relax and have that early cocktail on the terrace.
Discovering Nerja

Nerja is a delightful and unspoilt seaside town that lies some 45 miles east of Malaga. The area is one of outstanding beauty situated in the midst of a luxurious tropical valley where Avocado trees, Chirimoya and strawberries grow in abundance. A great variety if exotic plants and flowers flourish in what is considered to be the best all year round climate in Europe, and the town of Nerja itself is bedecked with a profusion of flowers during every season of the year.

From a tradition of fishing and agriculture, the primary economic activity of today is tourism. Because Nerja still conserves its culture, together with its beaches, cliffs and mountains, it is one of the more popular destinations for many people looking to have a closer contact with nature, not forgetting of course, the fairs, traditional festivals and nightlife that the town has to offer. Nerja lies at the far end of the Costa Del Sol, where the mountains meet the sea, and the pretty town is famous for its central point The Balcon de Europe, which is a palm tree lined promenade going out over the sea, and surrounded by outdoor restaurants. This is a very pleasant place to sit and have drink and watch the world go by!
situated on the coast gives views to the sea, mountains, and the old town of Salobrena. The course can be enjoyed by all the family and discounts are available for couples and families.

Nerja Location

Nerja is located on Spain's Costa Del Sol and is approximately 40 minutes from Málaga International Airport and just over an hour from the winter ski resorts of the Sierra Nevada.
Protected by the 'Sierra Nevada' mountains from the winds of the north and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Nerja's micro-climate enjoys all types of sub-tropical cultivation.

In Winter

Nerja is open! Nerja still lives! Most restaurants and bars are open, and even the beach bars open throughout the winter. It is normally clear, blue and sunny, ideal for a winter break or why not take a 'long let'? Nerja has the best winter climate in Continental Europe.

Nerja's Micro Climate

Nerja has a better climate than the rest of the Costa Del Sol. It has a very special "micro climate" all of its own! Further from the Straights of Gibraltar that let in the cool, damp Atlantic influences; closely sheltered within its bay and by the high mountains immediately behind it; Nerja is sunnier, drier and warmer than Malaga and Marbella to the west. It is, climatically the best! Nerja town is predominantly Andalusian in style. Neat, clean streets lined with charming white houses whose window boxes display masses of colourful flowers, restaurants, bars, and a variety of shops catering for your every need. Nerja is a small unspoilt town which has not been over-developed and retains its charm whilst still offering all the facilities needed for todays lifestyle.

The town is easily explored on foot and on a stroll through the narrow winding streets you will discover interesting courtyards, colourful shops and local people simply sitting in the sun and enjoying the comfortable relaxed atmosphere. The place to promenade or sit over a cool drink in one of its pavement cafes is the Balcon de Europa. Stretching out into the shimmering Mediterranean towards North Africa, this splendid area paved with marble and lined with palm trees is one of the centres of activity for any one of the local festivals, or is used to just meet friends and gossip while the rest of the world strolls by.