The San Juan de Capistrano Pueblo are so called because they are constructed at low level
and nestle into the hills as opposed to being part of a tall concrete tower block. The view from
the large terrace is over San Juan de Capistrano, Nerja and the sea. The terrace also has
outdoor lights so that you can relax and have that early cocktail on the terrace.

Events & Festivals

New Year, Three Kings [January 5/h], San Anton (Maro) [January 16/17]
FEBRUARY Carnival – [Roughly 40 days before Easter], Andalucía Day [February 28]
MARCH/APRIL Easter Week [dates vary]
MAY Santa Cruz [May 3], San Isidro [May 14/15]
JUNE Corpus Christi San Juan – June 23/24,
JULY Verbena de San Cristobal, La Virgen del Carmen [July 16]
AUGUST Nerja Caves Festival, Fiesta Blanca
OCTOBER Nerja Feria [2nd week of October], Fiesta de la Castaña y el Boniato (Maro) [October 31], Halloween [October 31]
NOVEMBER Todo los Santos [November 1]
DECEMBER Dia de la Constitución – Constitution Day [December 6], Día de la Inmaculada - Immaculate Conception: [December 8], Christmas Day [December 25]

Note: Some of the dates shown above change slightly year by year.